Meet Mark


Mark Doti, Broker, Certified Appraiser

Mark is a licensed California Real Estate Broker, REALTOR®, and a California Certified Real Estate Appraiser with over a decade of experience. Mark has provided valuation services for thousands of homeowners in Southern California. His knowledge and expertise is commissioned by local credit unions, banks, property owners, REALTORS®, and attorneys. Mark  has also appeared before the Orange County Superior Court as an expert witness in the area of appraisal. He generously shares his real estate appraiser knowledge with industry professionals through presentations to REALTOR® associations throughout Southern California. 

Mark comes from a family of real estate appraisers who started in the suburbs of Chicago in the early 1990's. Upon graduation in 2003 from Chapman University in the city of Orange, Mark opened and managed the Orange county branch of his family's appraisal company. Over many years, while working closely with agents and brokers, Mark noticed the need for more personalized realty services based on experience and a thorough understanding of the real estate market. 

In the ever changing real estate market, it is essential to choose an educated guide who truly knows how to meet each client's unique circumstances. It is also critically important to understand the specific needs and wants of buyers and sellers, the nuances of market value, and the elements that impact real estate. While value calculation is essential, a real estate agent must also possess an array of skills far beyond general sales to best serve their clients. These additional skills include negotiating, marketing & advertising, and personalized customer service. Mark's embodiment of these skills combined with the numerous years of experience, integrity, and professionalism guarantee he will be you results-driven expert. 

Why Choose Doti Realty?



I love working with people, I love solving problems and I love helping my clients achieve their goals. 

High Level of Integrity

I live my life by a simple code, be honest, be fair and be sincere. 


I am always accessible to my clients, night and day, 7 days a week. I don't pass my clients off to assistants, team members or office staff. 

Cost Conscious

Lets not forget savings! For listings, I provide the same services as other agents for only a 1.5% listing commission, which is a HUGE savings to a seller!


I have been in the real estate industry for over 16years. As an appraiser I've inspected ,viewed, and valued well over 3,500 properties in this time period. I bring a level of understanding and experience that many agents cannot provide.